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Balance body and mind starting from a breath.
Become aware of your feelings.

Slow down.

You will notice that there can be a new beginning in every breath.
You will realize that in the simplicity of a moment of pause, in the immediacy of a moment of attention, everyday life stops being routine and turns into experience.
You will find that slowing down is the opposite of wasting time and that stopping for a few minutes is the opposite of doing nothing.

Enjoy the present.

Seize new opportunities every day, make every moment of your day precious. Celebrate the beauty of the little things.

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Mindful Breathing: Accessible Meditation

A simple breath can be incredibly precious: it can calm the mind and strengthen the body; it can help us regain balance and slow our heartbeat. In every breath there is detachment from the past, the essence of the present and the expectation of the future… as long as you pay it the right attention.

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Colours, emotions and interior design

Knowledge of colours and awareness of the emotions they generate in us, can lead us to discover aspects of our lives that often escape us; but, above all, it can help us outline the aesthetics that best represent our personality and create an environment that is in tune with our needs.

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The Pomodoro Technique

We waste time, make up for time, fill time or run out of time. Now let’s try to optimize it. The Pomodoro Technique can help improve attention, awareness and concentration, bringing more efficiency to the hours you devote to study or work.

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